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Content-Based Courses

Secondary Courses

Types of Courses: Concept-Based Courses - Core Courses - Elective Courses Content-Based Courses
Content-Based Courses

SMC1201: Teaching of Numbers
This course provides an insight into the teaching of numbers and their operations. It includes solving problems based on real-world contexts such as those involving personal and household finance. The interpretation and analysis of data from tables will also be discussed. 

SMC1202: Teaching of Algebra
In this course, participants will learn how to use the concrete-pictorial-abstract (CPA) approach to teach simple algebra. Various hands-on activities are used to make sense of and simplify linear expressions. The use of spreadsheets (IT) will also be explored. 

SMC1203: Teaching of Geometry and Measurement
In this course, participants will learn effective strategies for pupils to investigate geometrical properties of plane figures, such as through the use of various dynamic geometry soffware. Solving problems in real-world contexts such as in surveying and navigation will also be covered. 

SMC1204: Teaching of Statistics and Probability
In this course, participants discuss effective approaches to teach statistics, which involves analysing and interpreting statistical diagrams. Misrepresentation of data, and how data may be used to make informed decisions, predictions and inferences will be included.