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Concept-Based Courses
Elective Courses

SMC1101: Transition from Primary Mathematics to Secondary Mathematics
There has been a keen interest from educators and parents on bridging between Primary and Secondary Mathematics. In this course, participants will understand the differences in problem solving approaches at the primary and secondary levels so as to better prepare pupils for transition to Secondary Mathematics. 

SMC1102: Differentiated Instruction for Mixed Ability Learners
‘One size does not fit all’. Differentiated instruction is of paramount importance in a mixed ability classroom. This course aims to help participants understand models of differentiated teaching and learning, use instructional approaches and strategies to differentiate between process and product, and observe and assess the quality of children’s thinking and learning so as to inform future instruction. 

SMC1103: Enhancing Mathematical Thinking using Thinking Routines
Have you ever wondered what children think and learn in your lessons? A group of professors from Harvard University advocated the use of thinking routines to make thinking visible. This course aims to help participants understand the features of thinking routines, use different thinking routines to develop critical and creative thinking as well as communication skills and explore how thinking routines can be used to create a thinking culture in the classroom over a sustained period of time. 

SMC1104: Alternative Assessments
Assessment is more than tests and scores. Are there other assessment tools which can provide accurate and useful information about different aspects of students’ learning such as developing mathematical concepts, skills and thinking, positive attitudes as well as problem-solving ability? This course aims to help participants understand different types of assessment and their purposes (e.g. classroom observation and journal writing), design diffferent types of rubrics and provide quality feedback on students’ learning. 

SMC1105: Teacher as a Reflective Practitioner through Lesson Study     
Lesson study is a professional development activity which has originated and sustained in Japan for more than a century. This form of collaborative and practice based professional learning allows teachers to grow in the most authentic situations such as observing ‘live’ lessons, particularly children’s learning in real classrooms. This course aims to help participants gain an overview of lesson study, understand the lesson study cycle and have a greater insight into the benefits and challenges in implementing lesson study.