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14 August 2018 to 15 August 2018


0800 to 1500

Venue Bradford Preparatory School, North Carolina, USA
Trainer Ms Sarah Schaefer

Two-Day On-Campus Training

A two-day on-campus professional development workshop on the use of think! Mathematics resources to influence the way teachers teach and students learn Mathematics.

This course covers the following content:

  1. Singapore Mathematics – background, research and results
  2. Teaching to mastery – the role of the teacher, modelling and practical exercises
  3. Key learning theories to help shape classroom practices and enable children to build strong mathematical conceptual understanding and process skills
  4. Fun-filled activities and anchor tasks to inspire learning and liven up classes
  5. Journal writing and types of journals – descriptive journal, evaluative journal, creative journal and investigative journal

This exclusive workshop is organised by SL Education and Mathodology.

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